Essay on The Death Of The Suicide

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Right to Death Being the tenth leading cause of death in America, suicide is known as being the ultimate permanent solution, to a short term problem. A commonly argued form of suicide has risen: assisted suicide. A lethal dose of oral medication is prescribed by a physician to slow vital signs and end the life of patients who are terminally ill. This is not to be confused with euthanasia, the act of a physician assisting with the final act before death. Although this form of suicide may be seen as immoral and a quick and easy way out, the decision to follow through with an assisted suicide should be legal due to the many rules and regulations that have to be followed as well as it being a violation of freedom of choice. As of today, physician-assisted suicide is legal in a total of six states: Oregon, New Mexico, Vermont, Washington, Montana, with the most recent being California, legalizing it on October 5, 2015. These states have passed acts such as the Death With Dignity Act in Oregon, in 1997. "The U.S. Constitution does not guarantee the right to choose to die. However, the U.S. Supreme Court recognizes that Americans have a fundamental right to privacy, or what is sometimes called the "right to be left alone"" ("Suicide, Euthanasia...") Before assisted suicide became legal in each of these states, there had been many court trials due to physicians being sued for performing the procedures and writing lethal prescriptions. These cases prompted the courts to pass…

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