The Death Of The Song Essay

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The faint tune of that song seeping through the cracks at the bottom of my mother’s door is still in hearing distance. I doubt I ever will know the name of the song she plays so often. Some old classical tune made back before the Now Time; a time of death, war, poverty, and worst of all, as mother would say, males. The Before Time was something we just studied in our history books, a time in the past, a time I will never know of. Before the wall, life was Hell as our history books described it. Males were in charge and the world revolved around them, so much that females were treated almost like slaves. Being at their beck and call with cooking and cleaning for their children. Then history changed when females campaign to be able to vote for a president. That’s when Mary Benson, my grandmother, stood up for all female kind. All the females packed together with all the males’ belongings in hand. They captured them and put them to work to build a wall that now stands today. All males on one side of the wall separating them from all the females. The only communication between male and female people happens within the wall. That is where the presidents of each side meet and discuss the reproduction dates. “With a wall we keep the inferior from the superior and help control population rates so we don’t go back to how it was like in the Before Time.” Mother would preach to the Superior side what seemed like daily, which in reality had to only be once every few months.
I made my…

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