Essay about The Death Of The Roman Empire

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In this passage Paul looks around and he cites the difficulties that exist in his time period. He looks around and he sees the existence of pain. He see the people suffering and all to often I think we forget how hard life really is today and even more so during the period that Paul walked the earth while the church was being shaped and formed.

Just turn the TV on and you can hear issues of destruction, brutality and adversity. Which my brothers and sister is a constant reminder that we better continue to prepare ourselves for the inevitable demise and destruction of the world as we know it, because that is the only way the Kingdom can come unto earth (Matthew 6:10) in the way that it is currently in Heaven.

Have we forgotten the past of our biblical heritage in that the moral turpitude of the Roman Empire was just as brutal and conniving as our system of government is today. Genocide in Africa, unable to determine some men from women and women from men. And in our current times chaos is our constant companion on the New and in extreme TV.

We are in and instant gratification stage, no one researches anything why should when you have goggle, echo and even cars that drive themselves. We have replaced common logic and patience with impatience, misinformation and undocumented sources on wikipedia.

In the times of Paul sickness was everywhere; many things were incurable. But yet, Paul looks through all the government corruption, sickness and confusion and he sees a…

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