The Death Of The Red Death By Edgar Allan Poe Essay example

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In the face of death, societal position and temporal affairs are of ill importance, for every soul will face eternal slumber. This, Price Prospero, was oblivious to or in denial of. Prospero, in his final attempt to escape a gruesome fate, sealed himself and his rich counterparts inside of his gaudy castle. There he hosted parties equipped with plentiful food, extravagant costumes, and fantastic music, but as these parties went on, the red death consumed all who resided outside the castle walls. One party, in particular, a masquerade, took place in a stretch of seven, oddly shaped, variously colored rooms by Prospero’s design. The last of the seven was colored black and in it stood a large ebony clock which emitted an eerie chime each hour, that controlled all who heard it. In “Masque of the Red Death”, Edgar Allan Poe uses the clock as a symbol to represent death using its color, placement, and ticking.
All throughout his works, Poe stayed consistent in using allegorical symbols. Symbolism appeared all throughout “Masque of the Red Death”. For example, Prince Prospero’s oddly shaped, vividly colored rooms raise questions in many readers as to what it symbolizes. Zapf says, “ In a Parodistic reversal of the Biblical Act of Creation, the seven differently colored rooms…. are composed in the form of a symbolic teleology of human life…,” (Zapf, par. 7). Zapf deduced that the room’s colors and order were arranged in that way creating a reversed adaption of the seven days of…

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