The Death Of The Rape Essay

754 Words Mar 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Ginnifer Goodwin said, “I express myself through clothes, but the clothes don’t define me”. In the society that we live in, most of the time the women who are the victims of the rape get the blame. From an early age parents teach their children to be responsible for every action. They are taught in school to be careful of all the surroundings and to be alerted of everything. Rape can happen at any time and anywhere. The therapist should be blamed for the rape, whether the rapist is a man or woman. It is constantly happening without any action being taken towards it. Justice is never served.
Women tend to flirt more than they intend to. Men that against women and that it was the woman 's idea that they provoked them first. If a woman is too friendly to a guy they automatically assume that they are asking for it. No women is asking to get raped. It is not right to take flirting as an excuse to rape someone. Michela Borzaga said, “One in three women can expect to be raped in her lifetime.” This is a high number of women that are getting raped. Not only is high for the percentage of the women getting raped, but not all the time, the right person is blamed for the rape.
Another reason is that the way a woman is dressed. Men get an idea that the way a certain woman is dressed, is that they are asking for the attention. If a woman is dressed openly that shows that they don’t respect themselves to be treated well. Men call women who are dressed open are called sluts. They label a…

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