The Death Of The Night Essay

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The brother and sister had ducked down upon sighting the mob. They peeked out the windows after feeling the vehicle pick up speed. The group was quiet until Joker slowed, with the I-80 crossing just ahead. The driver explained to the nervous siblings, that he would check the interstate and be right back. "It 's all clear" the thief said on his return. "We should call the farm, Swanny too."

"Hand me the mike" the bank robber instructed.

"It won 't reach" his cell mate said crossly. The smaller man grumbled about having to do everything, in between calling for Peach and Mr. Swann. Rose answered at the farm, sounding relieved that the criminals were in one piece. The prison never answered any of the calls, despite attempts on different channels. "You 'll have to stay at the farm tonight" he told the young survivors.

The Moreau brothers met their guardians at the gate. Trey assured the pair that he and Joker were just a little banged up. Lucas was fascinated by the red haired brother and sister accompanying the convicts. Alex was worried that he and his brother would be replaced in the cellmates affections. Peach raised her eyebrows seeing the new children.

The young woman took the siblings under her wing, supervised the scrubbing off months of accumulated grime from the criminals ' latest find. Bridget glowed after being cleaned up, while Sean took the procedure as a personal insult. The two were dressed with clothing from the closet full of items…

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