Essay on The Death Of The Night

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The night remained young. moon hid amongst the clouds, and the sky illuminated itself with thousands of bright-stars scattered infinitely across the universe. The nighttime darkness chaperoned only by a faint smog that shrouded the air. Snaking fumes carried the smell of those gone; death, disease, and grief were inseparable within the smog. It suffocated the corners of the camp and thrived on those within. That night, I planned on sleeping early, but I took a late-night stroll and encountered a truck approaching the camp. I kept my distance to survey the scene and saw a mass of inmates as the soldier hauled the door open. Amongst a party of old men and women stood a girl no younger than myself. At the time, I had not known who she was or why she flew into the mud headfirst by the khaki-colored men. The years brought no change amongst the men; still they remained relentless, unforgiving, and unfeeling of surrounding prisoners. Any order given to them was dutifully followed without hesitation. Even for a girl my age, the men had no qualms with dragging her by arm in-line with all the other new prisoners.
The prisoners bore the smog’s smell while simultaneously adding their own element of fresh-meat on the market. After each had their blood sampled, the men dismissed them to their quarters. I saw the girl working her way to my direction – scared, confused, and helpless equally describe her behavior. Like any desperate human, she begged for help. There were Nigerian verbs…

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