The Death Of The New World Essay

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I look up at the sky, and close my eyes. Attempting to imagine myself anywhere else, but on an old stale ship filled with 30 other men for what seemed like decades, although, in reality only measures up to a few weeks. I give up my feeble attempt at day dreaming, open my eyes and look around. Taking in the smells of the salty see and a vague underlying odor of sweat and musk that has accumulated along this never ending journey. But I must admit, I would take this stinky old ship over the guillotine back at home any day. A promise of work and possibly a second chance of life was all that I was told before being thrown on this ship and sent off to a place no one has ever heard of before. This was one of the many ways, and reasons, many immigrants had found their selves being whisked away to the New World. Some, like the gentlemen I mentioned earlier, were convicts being sent over to perform various acts of labor needed to establish homes and places of business in the colonies. Others were slaves purchased from Africa and shipped out to the major plantations needing farm work. Now were there was a vast amount of people brighten against their will to the New World, but in addition to that there was also a large number, from all over the world, that set their sights on the New World. Some came for a sense of freedom of religion, others came to simply get a chance at great possibilities. When you look at the early settlers of North America, you truly see how America was meant to…

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