The Death Of The Moth By Virginia Woolf

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Death was an ongoing matter during the nineteen forties due to the events of WWII and the holocaust which brought a sense of darkness upon the world as a whole. The thought of despair and desolation was embedded in the mind’s of people as WWII lasted several years. The world witnessed the deadliest wars of all times with the loss of millions of lives. whether it was captured on the news, written in the papers or witnessed in reality, the whole world was alert to it. This brought a gloomy atmosphere upon everyone and kept people in fear of what might possibly follow. It was a time where the world struggled between life and death and in the end, the war showed that death was much stronger than us all. The essay “The death of the moth” by Virginia …show more content…
Death is stronger than i am.” Virginia Woolf gets her point across as she states that death is an inevitable coming, she shows this through a moth’s perspective as it struggles against its fate which is essentially death. She evokes the idea that fighting against death will only result in a losing battle. She introduces an overlap in ideas as she states that suffering is a factor of living and also a factor of dying, suggesting that it is not exactly clear where living ends and dying begins through the quote “it came over me that the failure and awkwardness were the approach of death”. Virginia Woolf uses a practical way of writing to deliver her message. She makes use of rhetorical devices such as a hopeless tone as an intent for the reader to feel pity for the moth and develop their own thoughts of life and death. She also makes use of metaphors, symbolism and imagery to further construct this narrative essay. The death of the moth in this sense proposes the idea that death is an inevitable result of living, where humans battle through life and death only to realize that it is a battle that is never won. All one can do is accept death with

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