The Death Of The Man Of Killing The Murder Of Murdering The 41 Year Old

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On January 18th, 1991, in downtown Los Angeles, there were a shooting drive-by killing and a 16-year-old Francisco Carrillo was accused of being the murderer of killing the 41-year-old Donald Sarpy. Twenty years later, Carrillo was released due to the withdrawal of five out of six witnesses in the retrial (Daily Mail Reporter, 2011). The victim’s son, who is also one of the six witnesses, revealed that he could not detect definitely whether the individual in the car was Carrillo or not since there was a lack of lights at the time. According to Fraser, a forensic psychologist, in his speech at the University of Southern California (2012), the brain lacks many parts in a whole picture of experience it observed. This creates difficulties while the brain tries to recall the memory; therefore, the brain unconsciously fills up the empty spaces with the information from any sources it has access to. This particular demonstration is strongly relevant to Carrillo’s case when all of the teenager witnesses agreed that they saw Carrillo, in the car, shot Mr. Sarpy. Especially, Carrillo is the suspect as he is one of the Sarpy’s neighborhoods. In Fraser claims (2012), he points out that it was at 7.00 at night on a no-moon-day, in other words, there were not enough lights to see who the individual sitting in the car and firing the gun at Mr. Sarpy was. Francisco Carrillo is now released and currently taking classes at California State University with his 19-year-old son. Additionally,…

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