Essay about The Death Of The Last Black Man

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The historical suffering of the African-American people through exploitation and persecution by the white ruling classes started with the exploration of Africa by Europeans. In the modern era from the colonial times to the Civil Right Act of 1965 this suffering and the black historical significance became marginalized, and neglected in the dominant white cultural history. Playwright Suzanne Lori-Parks captures the violent and brutal treatment of the African-American people along with their rich culture using stereotypes and historical characters. In addition, Parks utilizes the use of stylistic traits of the black cultural music genre jazz in the play to compliment character depictions. Suzanne Lori-Parks ' The Death of the Last Black Man, play is a project to tell a historical story of oppression of the black people in a nonlinear timeframe, and the utilization of traits of jazz music to create remembrance and awareness of African-American history.
In The Death of the Last Black Man, Park utilizes the characteristic of jazz music to emphasize the suffering of the African-American people as well as invoking a remembrance of their sufferings. Throughout the play, Parks uses jazz music traits to provide another dimension to the playwright. Jazz music is a genre that emerged from African culture that has musical traits derived from the African music and a form oral communication. (source for sure) Two forms of jazz used in The Death of the Last Black Man are call and response…

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