The Death Of The King Tut Essay

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Tutankhamen was an Egyptian Pharaoh. He was born 1323 BCE and died 1341 BCE (Than, 2010). There are many mysteries surrounding the death of the King Tut but could these mysteries lead to the truth of this young Kings’ death? .
“According to Sayre (2012), mummification was a process which took about 70 days to complete. After death, the body was transferred to the House of Beauty, where it was properly embalmed and the inner organs were removed, dried and coated in resin and either preserved in their own special containerscalled canopic jars or wrapped in linen and put back inside the body. The body is then stuffed with linen to hold its natural shape and then surrounded by bags of natron for 40 days. The entire process is overseen by the Overseer of Mystereries, God’s Seal Bearer, who served as the chief surgeon and the lector priest that recited the required texts and incantations (Sayre, 2012, p. 84).”
After 40 days, the body was cleansed with spices and perfumes, rubbed with oils to restore some of its suppleness, then it was coated with resin to waterproof it. The nails was sewn back in and articifial eyeballs were inserted in the eye sockets. Cosmetics were applied to the face and then a wig was applied to the head. They dressed the mummy with jewels and the body was wrapped in a shroud of bandages from head to foot along with small figurines and amulets to as protection on the journey through the underworld. Then finally a mask was placed on the head and…

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