The Death Of The Hospital Essay

1048 Words Jul 2nd, 2015 null Page
We followed behind the nurses as they swiftly pushed my brother’s bed down the long hallway of the hospital. I hastily breathed in the all-too-familiar smells of disinfecting chemicals, hospital food and the overstated perfume one of the nurses was wearing. The florescent lights seemed blindingly bright and intruding as they bounced off the plain white walls. This wasn’t the first time that my family had to make a mad dash to the emergency room on Nick’s behalf. I didn’t know it in that moment, but this particular crisis would end very differently than the others. This grave event in my life would change the core of my being forever.

Nick had suffered several grand mal seizures in the past, but I could tell something was terribly different about this one. He lie there limp on the bed, occasionally stirring only to shake violently and lose consciousness once again. It felt as though the hallway was getting longer and longer with every step we took. He was rushed into a small room near the end of the hall. I stood inside the door and watched as they placed a breathing mask on his face and prepared to insert an IV filled with colored fluid into his arm. The heart monitor started to beep, but the beat was erratic. As the machine began beeping more rapidly, I watched the nurses as they rushed around the room with urgency as the doctor came in. They ushered me and my mother out of the room. We waited in the hall just outside his door. We listened carefully through the…

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