Essay about The Death Of The Hospice Room

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The pulsing beep of the heart monitor echoed off the cement walls as the nurses rolled the bed towards the hospice room. The family silently followed behind fearing the events that awaited them. As they walked, Gage and his sister held each of her warm, yet lifeless hands hoping to feel her soft grip. There was no response. In disbelief he thought about all the horrendous and unnecessary shit she had been through. He distinctly remembered the day she was diagnosed with the murderous beast that took over her body, it played through his mind like a broken record. “Get ready, your grandparents are coming to pick y’all up. They’re gonna bring you and Tessa to the hospital.” declared his father. “What’s wrong?” Gage asked anxiously. “Everything’s okay, just get ready. I’ll explain when you get here.” “Okay. I love you” “We love you too.” He said with a weakness in his voice The two hastily got dressed and proceeded to the driveway where their grandparents had been waiting. As they climbed in the large SUV, both grandparents greeted them with a loving voice. Their grandmother asked them questions such as “Have you done your homework?” and “How was your day at school?” trying to keep their minds off the destination. They answered with short vague replies, and continued to dwell on all the possible scenarios for the next hour. When they got to the hospital, their father was waiting outside the hospital room. He pulled all of them aside to explain what…

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