The Death Of The Homicide Rate Essay

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Now granted it is true that the homicide rate starting in late 1931 to 1934 was highest, however here are some facts to consider. In 1930 there were 20,000 immigrants and about 5,000 emigrants this hit a low point till 1944. In 1933 Lynching was higher than it was in thirty-four through forty. At the end of December of 1934 there were 4,696,756 finger prints and 5,824,488 index cards (records). Out of each 100 cards forty-six were already identified as previously committed a crime, leaving about 840 people who were first time offenders. Again repeating at this time Heroin, Opium, Coke, and Alcohol were being used, even though alcohol was illegal that didn 't stop its use and paved the way for more potent and dangerous forms of it. There is but only one thing that Harry Anslinger said that is follow able with actual evidence. Mr. Dingell another committee member asks; “Does the marihuana addict, graduate to a heroin, opium, or cocaine user? “No, the marihuana addiction does not go in that direction”.

At last minute some pro-hemp activists came, they were confused as to why the committee was using a slang word from a drinking song about a cockroach, which had originated from Mexico during the Mexican revolution. Ralph Lozier, of the national oil seed institute representing paint manufacturers and lubricant oil processors, he stated in defense that hempseed was an essential commodity. Let us further follow up with an actual medical doctor.
Dr. William Woodward of…

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