The Death Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essays

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Cassie was stiff from the lack of movement. They had been still for more than an hour. She did a slight stretch to release the kink in her neck and rolled her shoulders. She glanced up at her husband who sat across from her in the small room. He held a hand of each of his beloved grandchildren. He gave her a small smile. Daylight was beginning to peak through the blinds in the window on the other side of the room. The glow gave the room an eerie surreal look as it blanketed it.
A tall stout gray haired nurse with a severe bun walked into the room. She ambled over to where they were sitting huddled together before she spoke. Her voice was gentle despite her cold and stern appearance.
“Mr. Petrov is out of surgery, it went well. He is in recovery now.” She told them.
“And Addison how is she?” Eli asked the nurse as he stood up to stretch his legs and turned to face her.
“She is still in surgery. We don’t have any news at this time.”
“Can we see my dad?” Natalya asked.
“Not yet. He will be in the recovery room for a few hours. We will let you know when he is awake.” The nurse nodded at them before turning around and leaving them alone again.
As the nurse left the waiting area Tandy and Savannah walked up to her. Though they were too far away for to hear them it sounded like the nurse gave them the same news. Tandy looked into the room and glared at Cassie before turning on her heel and walking back the way that she had come.
Eli came and stood in front of Cassie before he…

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