Essay about The Death Of The Emergency Room

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Throughout my life I’ve had numerous obstacles, but their was one where the repercussions changed the person I was to become. At first it felt as though the negative outweighed the good, but when I realized what I was capable of doing the good eventually surpassed the bad. When I was 8 years old I was rushed to the emergency room because my whole body became paralyzed in an instant. Being a child I didn’t know what was happening to me. All I could feel was my families, and my own, panic as I attempted to move my limp body. When I arrived to the emergency room I was tried to stay awake, but I could not. I fainted, and when I awoke I was in a different hospital with tubes attached to my body because I could no longer function on my own. I found out I contracted meningitis, and with this my life forever changed. I learned how to walk, talk, and breathe on my own again with the help of the physical therapy regiment I went through during my stay at the hospital. I’m grateful for what I accomplished when I was younger, but I was still no longer able to be a normal functioning child again because I was left with a physical disability. The left side of my body was incapable of normal function, and because of this others treated me differently. I suffered insecurities because of the way I was, and others, especially adults, exacerbated it as I was left out of most activities because I was seen as incapable. However, I didn’t let this bring me down; the way I was treated only…

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