Essay on The Death Of The Circus

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There was once a pair of acrobats. They meet in the circus and got married only a few short years after meeting. Together they had an exuberant life. Their performance appeared at almost every circus in the United States. Their lives consisted of traveling and bringing joy to others. They loved what they did, they were very fond of the crowd they had, the enjoyed the laughing, the simply appreciated life. While this astounding couple were traveling, the women became indisposed. She tried her hardest to disregard it; she did not want to give up her job. She thought she would get better, but she wasn 't getting any better. She just kept getting worse. She eventually got so bad that she could not do anything. She had to lay in bed all day. Nobody knew what was wrong with her. When her husband is not participating in the circus, he waits on her hand and foot. He will do anything that she asks him because she was sick and he loves her. He wanted to make sure she was as comfortable as possible. Although he didn 't mind waiting on her, he wanted her to go to the doctor. He wanted her to find out what is causing her affliction so she can get better, but Melonie refused every time he mentioned it. Eventually she decides that she needs to go. The doctor does several different tests and what they tell her is an utter shock. "Melonie, you have cancer. It is unbelievable that you have lived this long. Your cancer is in the last stage. Most people would have been dead long before…

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