The Death Of The Catholic Church Essay

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In Catholicism we believe that death is not the end of a particular human’s life and identity.
When a Human being dies their body is gone but the soul continues to progress on after death. This person 's soul will continue onto Heaven, Hell or Purgatory this transition occurs after the body 's death on earth, and are different ways of judgement. Jesus died for us on the and rose three days later, and with this death he will come to judge us. Jesus opened his death through his translations into Hell. If we pursue Jesus we will enter a new life. Through Christ 's death and resurrection, the Church tells us that Jesus has opened the gates into Heaven for us. We believe that every being receives an individual judgment from Christ and then a second at the end of the age.
For Catholics, Heaven is the most desired destination. The Catechism of the Catholic church tells us what type of life the people going to Heaven will experience. “Those who die in God 's grace and friendships and are perfectly purified live forever with Christ” This describes Heaven as the ultimate fulfillment of human life and you experience God eye to eye, not only do catholics believe we see God but also to be with Christ. “For life is to be with Christ; where Christ is, there is life, there is the kingdom” -Catechisms of the Catholic Church This is evidence that wherever the Kingdom of God lies Christ is present which is Heaven.
Since sin is natural in Human life not every Catholic will be…

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