Essay on The Death Of The Boat

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As the Lady in Vain sinks to the bottom of the ocean, three men who escaped from the wreck drift in the sea in a small dinghy. When their food and water run low, two men are pushed into insanity and accidently push each other out of the small boat. This leaves the narrator, Edward Prendick floating until he is saved from the brink of death by the vessel Ipecacuanha. Once aboard the boat Prendick receives medical attention from one of the passengers named Montgomery. The two quickly become fairly good friends. As time passes, eventually Montgomery reaches his destination and is ready to disembark the ship onto a peculiar nameless island. Captain Davis, who despise prendick, determines to be rid of him as well.
Wanted on either the island, nor the boat, Prendick is placed in a dinghy and is again set adrift in the sea. Feeling pity for the man Montgomery tows Prendick to the shore. On shore Prendick meets Dr. Moreau, a scientist. Prendick is certain he has heard the name before, but cannot seem to recall from where. Montgomery gives Prendick shelter and food and warns him to stay out of certain areas of the compound. Finally prendick recalls where he was when he heard the name moreau, he recalls Dr. Moreau was a notorious Vivisectionist who was run out of London years ago. With this new information Prendick is very curious about what is happening on the mysterious island.
Ear wrenching screams send Prendick into a panic; he bolted from the room into the jungle. He explores…

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