The Death Of Stephen King Essay

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Paul, who was once called Saul, was an enemy of Christ disciples. Before he came to Christ, he persecuted the brethren in the early days of Christianity and sentenced many to death. He was also involved with the death of Stephen. Paul took permission after the death of Stephen to visit Damascus and persecute the Christians, which were located in those regions. While he was on his way to Damascus, he had an encounter with Jesus Christ, which changed his life and he then became a Christian (Acts 9:1-29; 22:19-20). When Paul melt with Jesus, he was empowered by the Spirit of Christ to witness and boldly proclaimed the gospel of Christ to all men and he was also persecuted for his faith (Acts 21:26-37; 22:4-29).
When Paul was arrested for preaching the gospel, as he was being led to a trial, on his way he was identified by a Roman Soldier as an Egyptian. The soldier asked Paul “Art not thou that Egyptian, which before these days’ maddest an uproar, and leddest out into the wilderness four thousand men that were murderers?” (Acts 21:38). The physical characteristics of Paul’s skin appearance led to the confusion that prompted the question that was asked by the European soldier. Paul was classified as an African-Egyptian male who causes uproar in the city and also someone who was a leader of four thousand men who commits murder. Paul was never considered nor seen by these Roman soldiers to have had any of the physical appearance of a European Greek, or Roman in him. Because of…

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