Essay about The Death Of Ronnie Samuel Cook

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According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, a man named Ronnie Samuel Cook murdered his mother on January fourth 2014 due to his long history of drugs and more. Ronnie had left from a shelter earlier that day and went to go see his mother. Mrs. Emma Belle Cook went to her room and hid her purse from her son. As time began to elapse Ronnie decided to go upstairs with a kitchen knife and stabbed his mother once. Mrs. Cook still alive told her son that he can have her purse and that he should just call the police. Instead of trying to keep his mother alive, he took the knife out of her chest, took her purse and stole her car. Mr. Cook left his mother to bleed to death while he went on robbing businesses and obtaining drugs, beer and lottery tickets. Ronnie Cook was the youngest of Mrs. Cook’s eight children; his attorney disputed him getting life in prison due to him having a mental health problem and being sodomized as a child. From a psychologist perspective, what would you believe is the best theory that correlates with Mr. Cook’s behavior and if his actions were considered justifiable?
Chapter 2: The Theory When you think about prominent psychologists in history, the first person that is known to come to mind would be the father of dreams, Sigmund Freud. According to Ryckman’s (2012, p. 24) Theories of Personality “he removed us from our pedestals and forced us to examine the dark side of our natures. Freud divides our mental into three parts: conscious, preconscious, and…

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