The Death Of Prison As A Rising Problem Within The World Today

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Suicide in prison has become a rising problem in the world today. Inmates have a higher suicide rate then the general population of people this day in age. Many things can contribute to this factor. Mental health issues, mental illness, depression and much more. They have programs in prisons that can help aid an individual though depression and suicidal thoughts. But some will either refuse help, or won’t acknowledge that they need it.
Mental health is a leading issue to suicide in prison. A study had been done in a prison in Wales, England of those who had some type of mental health problems. “Psychosis, personality disorder, neurotic disorder, drug dependency, and alcohol dependency”(Awodeso, 2010). are some of the mental health issue that lead to suicide in some circumstances. “It is not uncommon for people who should be receiving treatment for drug and mental health issues to refuse help because they do not want to have treatment withdrawn if they harm themselves or have a break in their care due to relocation within the prison”(Palmer, 2005). Even though the reasons behind a prisoner committing suicide may be complex, “inmates with mental illness or poor psychological coping mechanisms are more likely to commit suicide than otherwise mentally stable inmates. (Awodeso, 2010). The ones that are mental unstable cannot think reasonably to thoughts of suicide, or trying to get help.
The stressful nature and atmosphere adds to the pressure of suicide in prisons. “The causes…

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