Essay on The Death Of Police Brutality

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Over the past couple of years there have been a few cases within our justice system that have been questionable within the eyes of the public, and have become nationally recognized. Many of these cases have not gone in favor of the victims who were harmed or maimed by an officer of the law, and caused huge damaging uproars across the nation. By doing this it brings up a question, do police officers take matters too far, or is there actual justification to make up for their actions.
Police brutality has been going on for years, there have been many instances throughout time where officers of the law have used excessive force, sometimes without proper jurisdiction when they uphold the law in certain cases. For example the Rodney King case in 1991, one of the most famous cases from the past that shined light to this social issue, police brutally beat King while arresting him, because he evaded the police through a high speed car chase. Fast forward to 2012, young Trayvon Martin trespassed into a private neighborhood while walking back from a gas station, he gets into a scuffle with armed neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman. Determined to take vigilante justice after fighting with Trayvon, George decides to stand his own ground and pull the trigger, killing Trayvon. In the end of both cases, the justice system acquitted the perpetrators of their charges in both trials.
In more recent years I’ve had firsthand experience with visualizing the riots that took place in…

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