The Death Of Police Brutality Essay

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This made American’s cringe in disgust that this act was had occurred in their own country. The four officers that partook in the beating were all acquitted of the crime. Many believed that the officers were plain guilty of the crime they were being acquitted of. This is what sparked the LA riots, soon the city was up in flames. Despite them being acquitted of the crime individuals that partook in the riots believed they had to take justice into their own hands and wrongfully started looting, destroying, and hurting anything in their path. In a sense, they were getting back at the “man”. While this occurred over 25 years ago one would believe that cases of police brutality would be a product of the past and not continue to this day, but unfortunately this brutality occurs to this day. Many stories that do end up in the media are ones with minorities. Deaths among minorities occur more often than deaths among whites. These deaths are the ones that make their way to the media and cause outrage among Americans. A story that was very controversial was that of Samuel DuBose, an unarmed African American. On the evening of July 19, 2015 Officer Raymond Tensing stopped Samuel DuBose for a minor moving violation, missing a front license plate (Recent Event, 1168). After Mr. DuBose couldn’t provide his driver license Tensing directed Dubose to remove his seatbelt and then tried to open the driver’s side door. Mr. DuBose then said “I didn’t even do anything” while holding the door…

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