The Death Of Old England And The Daughter Essay

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The poem is written in a way that shows a role reversal between the “mother” Old England and the “daughter” New England, because the “daughter” is comforting her mother and asking her what is wrong, and the “mother” is acting like a disappointed child. The poem begins with New England trying to figure out what is wrong with Old England and what is causing them such grief. The “mother” writes, “Art ignorant indeed of these my woes,” (Bradstreet) asking if the child is just ignorant to the suffering that she is going through and warns the child that if she is too die, than the child will also die. “If I decease, dost think thou shalt survive?” (Bradstreet) The daughter goes on to try and speculate what is wrong with her mother lists possible reasons for her turmoil.
If none of these, dear Mother, what’s your woe?
Pray, do not fear Spain’s bragging Armado.
Doth your Ally, fair France, conspire your wrack,
Or doth the Scots play false behind your back?
Doth Holland quit you ill for all your love?
Whence is this storm, from Earth or Heaven above?
Is ‘t drought, is ‘t Famine, or is ‘t Pestilence?
Dost feel the smart, or fear the consequence?
Your humble Child entreats you shew your grief. (Anne Bradstreet)
New England cites possible causes of grief such as the Anglo-Saxon conflicts, feudal rebellion, the War of Roses and natural problems such as drought, famine or pestilence. She then asks her mother to just tell her what is ailing her and causing her grief. After hearing those,…

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