The Death Of My Grandfather Essays

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Have you ever thought about of losing a love one? If so, it would be the difficult experience, and you would have to learn to accept it. For myself, when I was eighteen years old, I could not believe the day that my grandfather would be gone forever. Along with my grandmother, he was the one who raised me; he taught me how to become a good person. Therefore, when it happened, I could not stand on my own two feet. However, I must learn to accept the truth because it is fact that no one can escape death and sooner or later we need to face it. Through that, the death of my grandfather had taught me much about life such an taking care of my health, not giving up on anything ; knowing how to enjoy life before it is too late, and valuing that death gives life meaning. First of all, after the death of my grandfather, the most important lesson I have learned are to preserve my health. My grandfather died because of illnesses. He got cancer from smoking and working too much .I remembered he could smoke anytime and anywhere he could. My grandmother and I had told him that smoking is brand harmful to the health, but my grandfather did not listen to us. He continued until the day the doctor told him that he has cancer, he stopped but it was too late. Smoking is the cause of serious illnesses, so we have to say no to “smoke” to prevent the possible harm that may occur. In addition to smoking, my grandfather had worked all day and night to care for the family and let his health…

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