The Death Of Merneptah.this : The Sea People Essay

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The Demolishing in the 12th century in and how bad it destroyed the important cities along with killing a lot for people can be led back to a group of people known as “the sea people”, the impact of this brought about the death of Merneptah.This was a period that brought about the movement of a lot of people known as settlers which included the Israelites, Midianites and Ammonites. The migration of people from different places and different cultures brought about the attraction of “The sea people”. Furthermore, there was not a lot of facts known about the sea people at first, the group was described as being mysterious about their way of life. They were not really open when it came to relating with people from other backgrounds which, left People around them guessed they were possibly from Northern Europe.The sea people were also known to be even violent with the way they lived their everyday life. They were usually armed with swords and guns with the idea that a war could possibly break out at any time, so they believe they had to be prepared whenever. They are also one of the hardest groups to figure out or explain according to researchers because they don’t reveal a lot of details about their everyday life or themselves. According to research done, the sea people origins cannot be said to be fully detected, there is always that suspicion of where people think they originated from. They also kept it a secret of how they won every battle they fought. They were known…

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