The Death Of Ludwig Van Beethoven Essay

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Ludwig van Beethoven was born in the December of 1770 in Bonn, Germany. He was named after his grandfather, Ludwig van Beethoven, who was the best composer of his time. Beethoven’s grandfather is the reason Beethoven became so great because he was given money to pay for housing for the rest of his life in exchange for working as a composer and his father inherited the rewards. Beethoven’s father was then given the duties of his father and took over his job as a composer. After Beethoven was born in 1770, his father immediately started seeking out ways to teach Beethoven to how to read and write musical notes. At the age of seven, Beethoven’s father let a musician live with the Beethoven’s in exchange for teaching Beethoven how to play and read notes. This man’s name was Jones Pfeiffer. Beethoven wasn’t a fan of this teacher because he was often abusive if Beethoven wasn’t learning correctly or was having fun with the instrument. Beethoven continued to learn to play and as he played he got better and better every year. By the age of seventeen, Beethoven was ready to start composing instead of learning so he moved to Vienna to audition for a piece composed by Mozart. Mozart was amazed by Beethoven’s musical ability, however, Beethoven did not get to play in Mozart’s symphony. Beethoven heard the news that his mother was close to death and he rushed home in time to say goodbye to her on her death bed. Since Beethoven’s father was already a drunk, he had to assume the head of…

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