The Death Of King Edward Essay

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The King of England, King Edward, claimed the French throne his own. The French apposed this claim. King Edward also angered the French with his possession of French territory. The French believed this endangered their policy of centralization. There was also dispute over control of French land known as Flanders. Flanders ' cloth industry depended on wool imported from England. In the Hundred Years ' War France had the advantage of fighting the war on their own turf, with a larger population, and was wealthier than England at the time. England had advantages of their own, with a more modernized society, and well-disciplined army with a greater number of weapons. With victories in key territories, especially the territory of Orleans, along with a peace treaty made between Charles and the duke of Burgundy, the French were able to emerge on top.

The Black Death was able to occur due to economic depression, overpopulation, famine, and overall bad health that left people more vulnerable to catching the plague. It was able to spread quickly through trade routes carrying infected rats from place to place. Symptoms such as sneezing also spread the plague quickly. Due to the infected rats being carried on boats, the plague was most virulent in ports. Many Europeans died which lead to a higher demand for labor and raise in wages. Prices of food fell while the price of luxury products rose. The aristocracy was severely hurt economically. The Black Death also had the effect of…

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