The Death Of King Birendra Essay

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The death of King Birendra and his family would be beneficial to the U.S. and India indirectly. In fact, India would benefit from the death of King Birendra more than the U.S. would. Madsen states that the main reason for the murder was King Birendra’s refusal to allow outside intervention in the civil war, which began in Nepal in 1996 (Madsen). This was not liked by India and U.S. as they could not take control of the region. So, the only option they saw was to completely wipe out Birendra’s family and help Gyanendra take over the throne. They wanted Gyanendra to take control because he had good business ties with India and U.S. and would open outside intervention into the insurgency, which would indirectly help them take control of the country. Since, Nepal serves as a bridging gap between U.S and China, U.S.’s control over Nepal would be a step closer to the U.S. in its encirclement of China with pro-U.S. governments and military basis (Madsen). On the other hand, the death of King Birendra and his family would assist India in extending their geographical and political power in Nepal. Besides this, it would also allow them to exploit the well off hydro resources of Nepal.
However, CIA’s involvement in the Royal Massacre is hard to believe considering the relationship Nepal and U.S. had in the past as well as in the present. Thousands of students come to the U.S. for further educations. In fact, Nepalese rank 11th among international students in the USA according to a…

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