The Death Of Juliet In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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It is often thought, who is the blame for the death of lovers in Romeo and Juliet? Well, the simple answer is that is all Romeo's fault. If Romeo wasn’t at the party and hadn’t killed Tybalt, the lovers, and others, would still be alive.
In the play, Romeo is in love with the woman named Rosaline. The sad part is, Roseline had decided that she would be a virgin forever. Unable to return his love, Romeo felt that he would never love anybody else. Benvolio, Romeo’s cousin, and Romeo decided to go to a Capulet party since Roseline would be their. Romeo wanted to go just so he could watch her, but Benvolio wanted him to go so that he could see other beautiful women. At the party, Romeo saw and fell in love with Juliet a 13 year old Capulet, and
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So, the next day he went looking for him. Tybalt questioned Romeo's friends about his whereabouts, and get into a petty argument with Mercutio. Eventually Romeo did come to where they all were, just hours after wedding Juliet. Being passive towards Tybalt, for they were now family, Romeo wouldn't defend himself against any of Tybalt’s insults. Tybalt was insulting him, trying to draw him into a fight, but he needed Romeo to draw his sword first so that the law would be on his side. Unfortunately, Mercutio couldn’t stand by and watch his best friend lose his honor, so he instead started to fight Tybalt. After the fight was over, Mercutio was dead, and Tybalt and others were fleeing, for they knew that fighting in Verona’s streets was banned. The chain of events that followed because of Romeo ultimately killed the …show more content…
Romeo immediately went to go see his love, for he thought that she was truly dead. Friar Laurence was unable to tell Romeo of the plan, so when he went to the tomb to see Juliet wake up, he found Romeo dead, killed by poison he had drunk himself. Juliet, unable to live without Romeo, Stabbed herself, and ending her life. If Romeo hadn’t killed Tybalt and become banished, and the subsequent events due to his banishment hadn’t happened, the two would still be alive.
Other people say that it is not Romeo at blame, but Friar Laurence. For instance, If Friar hadn’t assumed that his letter would get to Romeo, but rather taken the time to do it himself, Romeo would’ve know what was going on. If the Friar hadn’t just left Juliet in the vault, he could have convinced her not to kill herself, saving at least one life. Lastly, if Friar hadn’t Married the lovers, there wouldn’t have been a problem to Juliet marrying Paris. But, something could have still gone wrong, for Romeo and Juliet’s love seems to cause a number of problems, and tybalt would have still tried to kill Romeo.
In conclusion, Romeo is at fault for the death of the lovers. If he wasn’t at the party, nor hadn’t killed Tybalt, the lovers would still Be alive. Though Friar may be at blame, The ultimate party at blame is Romeo

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