The Death Of John By Louisa May Alcott Analysis

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Louisa May Alcott has many short stories from the war setting. Her background information will allow readers to understand why she has repeatedly wrote her short stories about the war, and or around the war. One story of hers a man named John dies on her watch, she had multiple real life deaths within her family and they had impacted her deeply. The deaths in her family lead to how she felt when the man in her short story impacted her so much. Her experience provides and shows readers the pain she had felt during any death in her life whether it was someone she hardly knew or if it was her best friend. She expresses how she feels very deeply in her short story “The Death of John”. In Alcott’s early years she was in the civil war as a nurse …show more content…
She started off by writing gothic thrillers, then she went on to write about the experiences she had seen and how she had felt about them. A lot of her short stories has a war setting. One of her first novels she wrote was “Little Women” it was wrote and published in six weeks. This novel was said it had built her reputation, it finally gave her a name. then about a year later “Little Women pt. 2” was published about a year later in January 1869. The novels are based off her and her sister and how they overcome their everyday challenges. It explains how the two sisters grew and up and how eventually her sister had gotten married and had to mature for him. (Price 4th edition.) “The Death of John” really explains how she felt and what she went through in the civil war. She was brave enough as a woman to go and help the soldiers and she had to painfully watch a man die for a reason she couldn’t explain. She had already lost her sister and then her other sister had left her for a man, she seemed lonely and confused. The mood was lonely and sad. The way she tells the story is dark and unhappy. She didn’t want to go through what she did but she didn’t have a choice, and in all her stories she tries to show a lesson learned. Or tries to at least get a point across. She earned most of her success off “Little Women”. (Price 4th

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