The Death Of Ivan Ilyich Essay

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A recurring theme in “The Death of Ivan Ilyich”, “Living in the Land of Limbo”, and the Thucydides text is how an illness has powerful and resounding effects. It is not too far-fetched to think that an illness is able to change a life, personalities, families, and society. In “Parent’s Support Group”, the parents are in a support group and talking about the problems they have regarding their children with a group of other parents. They said that their children’s decisions caused them much grief and ripped their world apart very suddenly. In “People Like That Are the Only People Here”, the mother attends support groups with other parents to cope with her infant child 's cancer diagnosis. The author makes it evident that this was a complete shock for her as in the many baby books she was reading, there was obviously nothing written about how to deal with cancer in the book. In “the Death of Ivan Ilyich”, Ivan becomes bed-written and diagnosed with an unknown affliction. Besides the physical changes, Ivan Ilyich becomes very rude to the people around him, especially his wife after his illness. While he and his wife always had some conflicts, things become especially tense after Ivan 's illness. It is not only Ivan’s family who goes through changes, as we see another character’s view of death change when he is at a funeral. Second, doctors also played a significant role in these stories and poems, and were presented in a different light in each of the works. In some cases they…

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