`` The Death Of Ivan `` : A Reflection Of The Pursuit Of An Education

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The writings of Leo Tolstoy were quite the reflection of his life. Early in his childhood, Tolstoy became acquainted with death as both of his parents passed away. Thankfully, the orphaned Tolstoy was left a large sum of money and was able to further his education and seek meaningful work for his life, starting with the pursuit of an education in law. After many unfulfilling jobs, Tolstoy struggled with finding a purpose for his existence and began to put his faith into religious outlets. Ivan Ilych, the main character of his story The Death of Ivan Ilych, shows a struggle very similar to this. I believe that this novel is a reflection of the pursuit in which Tolstoy sought to find life fulfilling work, as well as a purpose for living.
Ivan Ilych is first introduced through a conversation between coworkers that have just heard of his death, and follow up by speaking of his passing in an unsympathetic manner. Rather than surrounding himself with love and other people, he decided his lackluster materialistic lifestyle would be worth the opportunity cost, “After his death, Ivan Ilych 's family and colleagues seem to carry on as if nobody has stopped to think about their lives after the death of their friend” (Frattarola). The story seems to begin here at the lowest point and darkest time in order to provide a clean slate to the character to show his and the author’s existential struggles and path to overcome them. Ivan’s story, as well as life, ends with a profound…

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