The Death Of Hospice Care Essay

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Death is something that has radically changed in the past several decades. Lately, the experience of death itself, both for the dying and for the individuals around them, has been diminished. This is partly influenced by the fact that we, at least in American culture, have pushed death away from our personal lives, and more into regulated settings such as hospitals or hospice care. Another key setting of invisible death includes individuals in correctional facilities who have no chance of getting out.
The main element that occurs to me in this phenomenon would be the fact that deaths are now being regulated into side areas in society. I think that by regulating dying individuals to hospice or hospitals to die can seem insensitive or uncaring compared to several decades ago where the dying individuals were still in the house and being taken care of by family (Callanan & Kelley, 1992). Hospice care is something that is obviously beneficial, but it can still seem isolating for the dying individual. This can make reconciliation difficult for individuals if they are able to distance themselves from the dying process. This causes its own set of problems, such as reconciliation between loved ones. This can make their dying process easier, so long as they get the reconciliation they need, whether that be from making or receiving an apology, or expressing previously untold statements (Callanan & Kelley, 1992: 153).
The theory of invisible death factors into this phenomenon by…

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