The Death Of Her Grandmother Essay

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People often think that during their darkest times, there is no hope. However, in Kitchen this theory is proven wrong. In the beginning of Kitchen, Mikage is faced with the death of her grandmother, the last living blood relative. The death of her grandmother leaves Mikage in the dark, feeling hopeless and lonely without a sense of belonging to a family. Then during her stay with Eriko and Yuichi, Mikage finds her new light, meaning that she has created a new family with Eriko and Yuichi. Later, Eriko passes away, devastating Mikage. She is once again left hopeless and in the dark, missing a part of her family. However, the light found within the darkness serves as hope for finding family, portraying that in life, there is an inherent balance between joy and misery. Mikage eventually is drawn back to Yuichi, remembering that he is also her light, her family. Yoshimoto’s use of imagery to contrast light and darkness symbolizes that even during one’s deepest sadness, happiness can be found. Yoshimoto’s imagery shows that even in times of darkness, there is light, a perpetual symbol of the necessary balance between happiness and sadness. Light portrays the hope for a fresh start. When Mikage first meets Eriko, she is awestruck by the “deep sparkles of her eyes” (11). This small detail about sparkling eyes illustrates Mikage’s natural gravitation towards Eriko because of her view that Eriko is the unequivocal example of perfection. After Mikage spends more time with…

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