The Death Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essays

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During Elizabethan times in British literature, plays with a constant theme of revenge with a typical tragedy were well acclaimed. To seek revenge refers to a human?s natural instinct to get back at others who have done wrong to them. In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, the play dramatizes the revenge Hamlet takes on his uncle which leads to his own tragic flaw of procrastination.
From the beginning of the play, Hamlet has a dark, gloomy, melancholy attitude. Gertrude began worrying about Hamlet because she was unsure what has happened. Hamlet is both grieving the death of his father and the marriage of his mother to his uncle, Claudius. When the ghost appears to Hamlet and speaks the truth of the death of his father, it augments his somber, mournful attitude even more. Hamlet is tasked with avenging his father?s horrible and unnatural murder after the ghost appeared to him and shared the truth behind his father?s death. Claudius poured poison in the ear of Hamlet?s father while he was sleeping and killed him. Throughout the play, Hamlet delays seeking revenge because he was unsure about the Ghost and his actions. Hamlet has to completely understand the reality of what happened to his father and think about his plan of avenging his father?s murder.
In order for Hamlet to start his attack of revenge, first he has to make sure Claudius is truly guilty before actually pursuing his actions. To prove Claudius?s guilt, Hamlet devised a whole play named The Murder of Gonzago, in…

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