The Death Of Dr. Collins Essay

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The most terrifying sentence of John’s childhood was, “wait until your father sees this!” This sentence, emitted by his mother, immediately sent chills down his spine, a knot in his stomach, and a lump in his throat. He very well knew a punishment was underway. The wretched sentence followed the rare occasion he received a school grade that didn’t quite meet the well-known expectation of his household. John was raised under the notion being well-educated identifies as having earned high grades throughout grade school and high school and having obtained a college degree. As John’s horizons broadened with age, he came to understand the term “well-educated” was simply relative and held a variety of definitions distinctive to one’s life. John’s mother would subliminally attempt to persuade John’s choice of study to become a medical doctor. She would boast on Dr. Collins, the family doctor, for his intelligence and canny all ascribed to his multiple years in college. John couldn’t possibly deny that Dr. Collins was at the point in life he was due to the fact that he was successful at medicine practice. Logically, without the twelve years of studying after high school graduation, Dr. Collins wouldn’t have been able to complete the miraculous ventures of healing the human body. In relation to the medical field, Dr. Collins was very well-educated due to his degrees. Medicine practice however, was the only field he was educated in. In relation to home improvement however, he…

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