Essay on The Death Of Capital Punishment

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We have all seen the movies about prisoners being put to death. Whether it had been the public beheadings of the medieval era or the common hangings used in the 1800s, we are familiar with the idea of the death penalty. When capital punishment becomes a topic of conversation, most individuals do what they can to change the subject and avoid the debate. The death penalty over the last century has become a sensitive subject for many. Though most people are either for or against it, there are a few that remain on the fence. Those who oppose the death penalty often do not support the idea of it being a deterrent. They may also see it as costing more than life in prison or believe innocent people are being killed falsely. Individuals who support it often believe it is in fact a deterrent from crimes punishable by death and that it is an acceptable way to bring justice to the victims and their families. Capital punishment is important in helping prevent violent crimes in our society. It can provided closure for victims families, provide less of a chance of individuals returning to society to commit like crimes, it has potential of being a deterrent of committing violent criminal acts, and is far more humane than that of the past.
Imagine you have a loved one that was a victim of murder, and the lawless criminal is standing trial. You stand in the courtroom watching as the jury declares their verdict, and he or she is given the death penalty. How do you really feel? Relieved?…

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