The Death Of Black Skin Essay examples

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A famous author and psychologist named Wayne Dyer said, “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don 't know anything about.” Dyer expresses his feelings on the people’s natural reaction to reject things that are not what they are use to. This nature has showed its ugly head throughout the society of humanity. From the ancient Egyptians to modern american history, the rejection of new things by nature has always been in the scene. This was revealed in early american history with the practice of slave trade in the united states.
Slavery is one of the major stains in the history of the united states. Slavery was also one of the key things that shaped the states into what it is today. This is because of the amount of conflict that was created because of its presence during the formation of the country. How to classify a person of black skin was one of the dividing issues in the early history of the united states. Though, due to the young formation of the united states, the states relied heavily on slave labor to help bring the country into supremacy over the world, not everyone was alright with slavery, including white people. Many were utterly against slavery and claimed that the blacks were the same as everyone else. On the other side of the coin, a insane amount of people claimed that blacks were not equal to whites, and would back this opinion up into extreme violence if it occurred. The reliance of slavery was so grown into the roots of the united…

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