The Death Of Becoming A Vet Essay

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The Path to Becoming a Vet

Having a career in Veterinary medicine promises a fun and exciting career where every day there is something new to discover. In veterinary medicine, one has to have a love for animals beyond just thinking they are cute. One would need to want to help them because they cannot help themselves and want to understand the mind and body of all animals. Much like human doctors, veterinarians perform checkups and prescribed pills. The veterinarian has to deal with almost everything such as cleaning teeth, surgery, grooming, and checkups. When someone takes their animals to the vet, that veterinarian has to do everything. On top of performing all the tasks, the one thing that makes being a bit more challenging than being a doctor is that an animal cannot tell vets that their heart is hurting or that they 're not eating because there is a parasite in their intestines. Vets have to make sure that they are looking for the right disease or it can hurt the animal. Despite having all these difficult tasks, being able to save a member of someone 's family makes the job easier.

A job in veterinary medicine is more than just looking at animals and saying that the animal is sick. Veterinarians diagnose and treat sick and injured animals, including dogs, cats, horses, and cows. Aside from diagnosing animals, that 's me also vaccinate animals to prevent illnesses, provide advice about animal care to owners. In this profession every animal is different and…

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