The Death Of Assisted Suicide Essay

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General Facts Assisted suicide is “suicide” committed with the aid of another person, usually a physician or medical professional. This is often confused with Euthanasia or “mercy killing”. Euthanasia is where the physician physically administers the lethal drug, however assisted suicide the physician just aids in helping the patient acquire the drug, but does not administer it. Although both of these terms fall under the same umbrella term of “physician-assisted dying,” they are two completely different things. Assisted suicide is currently legal in Belgium, the Netherlands, Colombia, Luxembourg and parts of the United States. The states in North America that are in support of assisted suicide are Oregon, Vermont, Washington, California and Montana. The first state to legalize assisted suicide was Oregon in 1994 via the Death with Dignity Act. According to Oregon’s Public Health Authority (Death with Dignity Act. n.d.), “ the patient must be: 18 years of age or older, a resident of Oregon, capable of making and communicating health care decisions for him/herself, and diagnosed with a terminal illness that will lead to death within six (6) months. It is up to the attending physician to determine whether these criteria have been met.” Since the laws passed in 1994 a total of 1,173 people have had their Death With Dignity prescriptions written but only 752 patients have actually died from ingesting the medication (Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, 2013) The laws…

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