The Death Of Assisted Suicide Essay

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The role of a physician involves treating patients and caring for their illnesses, however with the advancements of technology patients are able to live longer. Now a concern is that doctors are prolonging the lives of patients with terminal illnesses in a negative way, leading to a controversial argument that doctors should start assisting terminally ill patients in committing suicide. Currently, the United States in torn on the issue and only a handful of states have legalized assisted suicide. The most well-known state is Oregon where assisted suicide has been legalized for over a decade. However, assisted suicide also brings multiple issues and concerns, many are unethical. While opponents explicate the importance of dying with dignity, the reality is that physician assisted suicide creates the possibility of allowing the euthanasia of those incapable of making major decision, allows outside influence to sway patient choice, and increases suicide rates.
Various physicians and citizens are opposed to assisted suicide due to the probability of creating a domino effect that would later lead to the acceptance of euthanasia of mentally ill patients. These concerns are currently a problematic issue in the Netherlands and Belgium. Both countries have approved an abundance of patients to participate in receiving assistance in hastening their deaths, but they did not have a physical illness. Therefore, the physicians are encouraging mentally ill patients to commit suicide. Lane…

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