The Death Of Ancient Egypt And Ancient China Essay

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Death is inevitable and the customs that follow one 's death are representive of the beliefs and shared religion of that society. Through the scope of this paper I will discuss the death rituals and tomb burial practices of both Ancient Egypt and Ancient China. Over the examination of Ancient Egypt and Ancient China burial practices we begin to understand the complex thought process of respecting the dead, Furthermore, even though both of these civilizations have individually intricate beliefs we can also see the similarities in their ideals and rituals used to honor the dead and afterlife. These societies performed rituals for their deceased by using key components such as symbolic material objects buried alongside the dead, elaborate decoration within the burial tombs, and funerary rituals all to enable an undisturbed voyage to the afterlife.
Around the world it has been found that many ancient graves, primarily the elite have been buried with vast amounts of priceless artifacts including their worldly possessions. In Grinsell 's (1975) research it states that "the practice of depositing objects designed to protect the dead was developed in Ancient Egypt from Dynasty V onwards" (Grinsell, 1975, p. 57). This statement shows that the process of ritualistic behaviour towards the dead evolved overtime, because many other material objects were found in tombs previously to Dynasty V. Many large Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Chinese tombs were lined with enormous amounts of…

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