The Death Of An Old Man Essay

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Zero, a boy living in a small town named Gwangju in South Korea. He is one of the best looking students among the top ten at Sevik High, but the look of his eye scares all students away from him. His lucks are on the opposite side of his looks. His rebellious nature causes him to fight for the things he cannot stand; for example, when other people just stand there when someone choose to take the wrong path and do horrible things to others.
One morning he wakes up to a cow 's “moo,” then runs into a car on the way to school, misses out on a very important college interview. So in other words, he is having an extremely terrible day.
Later that day, an old man calling himself Dios appears in front of him claiming that he is God and Zero’s life in great danger. In fact, the biggest fear of all human, Death is crawling upon him; though it is not time for him to die yet.
“Hahaha! Great joke. I’m not interested in your fortune reading. Hahaha! You almost got me there,” Zero laughs at him being amused but takes his words for granted.
The next day he runs to school after having broken the alarm clock when the bookshelf fell on it “thud”. While running through the road the street lamppost suddenly fell right in front of him and thought out the day he ran into more obstacles on the way.
Again Dios appears, “Boy!”
“Ahhh! Don’t scare me like that,” Zero yelled in exasperation.
“I’ll remind you again, that lamppost fell right in front you…” continued Dios.
Soon zero interrupted, “What…

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