The Death Of A Witch Essay examples

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Dr. Griggs had unintentionally fueled the flames of fear when he could not provide a better medical diagnosis for Elizabeth and Abigail. His conclusion that “an evil hand is on them” was crystal clear: everyone is Salem Village understood that meant the children were casualties of witchcraft (Brandt 55). But if one accepted that Elizabeth and Abigail were the victims of a witch who afflicted upon them, then that implied that someone right in Salem was working for the Devil. According to popular belief, witches were nearly always women, and they were operators to the fiend, consenting to do his abhorrence (Roach 66). In America, the battle came down to God versus Satan: and the Puritan religious government never had any uncertainty about whose side they belonged to. Now, in the time of fear and guilt, two young girls suffered from physiological effects of the supernatural in an age when hysteria was not known as a medical condition. Their display of physical symptoms could only be translated within the restrictions of Puritan thought and conviction.

Witches were among the belief of the supernatural, one who could complete Satan’s evil deeds, was as genuine to the Puritans as the constant danger from the Devil himself. The Bible states, “Thou shall not suffer a witch to live,” (Exodus 22:18). In England, before witchcraft had been introduced in Salem, witchcraft had been a crime punishable by death since 1542. By 1647, witchcraft was illegal in the New England colonies of…

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