The Death Of A Terrible Nightmare Essay

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In 1934, Elie woke up in a crowded train car that had turned into insane chaos. His father was sleeping next to him. They did not know where the train was headed but he knew wherever it was, it was not going to be good. It was so hot and crowded in the train car that it was hard to take a deep breath. Breathing in through his nose he could smell the fire and burning flesh. He started to silently pray to the God that knew was real and knew that had not gave up on him yet. He prayed that he would soon wake up from this dream that had turned into a dreadful nightmare. All of a sudden the train came to a screeching stop. He knew he was going to have to act fast if he wanted to save his life. He stepped out of the train and saw his mother and sister coming out of another train car to the left. He noticed that they had tear stains on their faces and had been crying for a long time now. He had to find a way to get to his family and run. He had to get out (Wiesel).This is just one of the many horrifying stories from the Jewish Holocaust. Jews had to face death every day. Some would try to get out of the terrifying camps but usually got killed and very few survived. Jews resisted and rebelled in the Jewish Holocaust in a variety of ways.

The Jews rebelled spiritually in the Holocaust. Spiritual resistance was when Jews would try to keep their humanity, civilization and dignity when Nazis would try to dehumanize them. They would continue to try to be optimistic even in the worst…

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