Essay on The Death Of A Salesman

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Death of a Salesman could be taken from two point of views, with Biff being done nothing wrong and Willy causing everything bad to ever happen to his son; another view that shows Willy’s efforts to help Biff, but results as a burden for his family. One could simply look upon this play and feel nothing goes right either from the consequences of Biff’s bad habits, or Willy’s lies that set every mood and problem within the play. We will see both view points on who’s in the right or the wrong from Biff being the good one and Willy the trouble maker and Willy being the supportive father doing all he can and Biff being just stubborn and lazy. One side of the story about Biff, is how Willy after years of raising him to become someone great, to be liked by many, and to be successful, but rather Biff changed up his future and having his father making a statement,“Biff is a lazy bum,” (Death 1.1.). Biff when he was younger use to look up to his father, and Willy wanted nothing but the best for biff, to go off to play football in college and make the best of his abilities. Biff on the other hand had other plans, he left some time after graduation and went to a farm to “find himself” while making no kind of money (Death 1.1.). Willy has done numerous things for Biff by getting him out of trouble, encouraging him with his football career, worshipping him as a god like Adonis, and trying to set an example of the kind of guy for him to grow up to be (Death 1.1.). Willy’s career of being…

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