Essay about The Death Of A Salesman By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In the “Death of a Salesman “ by Arthur Miller and “ Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald we have been introduced to the tragedy of ruined idealism. How the main characters, Willy Loman 's and Jay Gatsby 's dreams were destroyed because of their enormous desire to be succesfull and important. However, their social status, lineage, and ability to accept the reality were incompatible with their dreams. Miller provided facts that capitalism will not give a chance to an ordinary people to get an American dream, and Fitzgerald shows that the American dream is impossible. Kimberly Hearn in narration « Fitzgerald Rendering of a dream» stated that the American dream is beautiful yet grotesquely flawed and distorted. No matter what idyllic picture we paint of America and all of its promises, underneath the brightest of hues lies the stark white canvas of truth: No one is truly equal, and regardless of opportunities, someone is always struggling underfoot—inevitably, as one rises another falls». (191). Gatsby believed in the green light, the light of the incredible future happiness. Let it escaped today, it does not matter - tomorrow we will run faster, will become further stretched his hands. Fitzgerald argues that a man who put his whole life to get wealth, does not become happier from it, but on the contrary, loses its own "I", your spiritual world and, as a consequence, the desire to live a full life. The author shows the human tragedy that all…

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